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We're bringing our passion, unique model and vital partnerships to help combat childhood hunger.

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Taking Action

Unlike most meal programs, Food for Good’s daily operations benefit from the scale, logistical expertise, and technological know-how of a Fortune 50 food and beverage company. By leveraging the country’s largest “food-moving fleet,” we are able to use PepsiCo’s passionate staff, nutritious products, and expertise in logistics and distribution to combat child hunger. Our approach has proven successful. Through the unique model of a purpose-driven initiative, Food for Good has delivered 100 million servings of nutritious food.
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The FFG Model

Food for Good’s collaboration with PepsiCo, local partners, and government agencies is at the center of our unique approach to fighting childhood hunger.

Non-Profit Partnerships

Non-profit organizations have a deep understanding of the needs in the communities we serve and are at the heart of what we do. Through their insight, we’ve been able to create a customizable model that meets the unique needs of each community, ensuring our program is both effective locally and scalable nationally.

Food for Good

Our objective is to make nutritious food more physically and financially accessible for low-income families. We achieve this by leveraging PepsiCo’s cross-sector support and expertise, community insight, and non-profit partnerships.


The meals provided by Food for Good are paid for through the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program and Child and Adult Care Food Program.

Delivering Nutrition Year Round

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Variety of Food Programs Year-round

Summer and afterschool meal programs and weekend "backpack" bundles.

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Collaborate with a range of partners

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), Share Our Strength, and the YMCA.

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Purpose-Driven Business Initiative

Our breakeven model covers all FFG operating expenses, including food, trucks and drivers.

Meal Programs

Food for Good provides nutritious, delicious, and well-balanced pre-packed meals – complete with dairy, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables – that meet USDA’s nutrition standards.

Our summer and afterschool meals are delivered in collaboration with local partners as part of the USDA’s summer/afterschool meal programs. We also partner with local agencies to provide safe, supervised physical activities, and games at our summer meal sites.

Our weekend "backpack" bundles are delivered to children at school for them to take home so they have nutritious meals for the weekend.

Food for Good Meal Program

What's in Our Pre-Packaged Meals?

Our pre-packed meals are well-balanced and designed to meet USDA’s nutrition standards.



1 Whole Grain

1 Fruit/Vegetable

1 Dairy



1 Whole Grain

2 Fruit/Vegetable

1 Protein

1 Dairy



1 Whole Grain

1 Fruit/Vegetable



1 Whole Grain

2 Fruit/Vegetable

1 Protein

1 Dairy

backpack meal

Weekend "Backpack" Bundles

2 Whole Grain

4 Fruit/Vegetable

2 Protein

2 Dairy

Our Disaster Relief Efforts

When hurricanes ravaged the coasts of Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico in late summer of 2017, it resulted in billions of dollars in damage and left thousands without food or shelter. PepsiCo and the PepsiCo Foundation immediately pledged to help those affected.

Through the Food for Good initiative, 1 million meals were delivered to those impacted by the natural disasters.

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  • Product DevelopmentOur innovation approach has spurred the creation of several new products within PepsiCo’s affordable nutrition portfolio. Most notably, Food for Good has prompted the creation of products within the Quaker and Tropicana portfolio, as well as innovative meal bundles that help expand our mission of providing access of nutritious meals to those who need it most.
  • TechnologyWith the help of the highly-awarded PepsiCo Research and Development team, Food for Good developed a transportable cold-box technology that keeps fresh foods at safe temperatures during any season. This low-cost solution has helped simplify and improve the warehouse and delivery process, and has been leveraged by other teams at PepsiCo for its efficient and effective results.